Are you trying to lose weight, but feel like the harder you work at it the less you lose? At Versalo Weight Loss Center, we can help!

From one-on-one consultations, to delicious and nutritious products, we will help you meet your goals!

Custom Solutions

Our plans take into consideration the whole person. Before starting a treatment plan, as internists, we consider the patient's current health and any underlying medical conditions.

Supervised Care

Our mission is to provide medically supervised solutions consisting of nutritional, pharmaceutical, and counseling resources for individuals motivated to achieve and maintain a desired weight.

Proven Results

You find results happening within a short period through our proven combination of medication, nutritional guidance, Internist monitoring, and lifestyle changes.

All you need, one stop shop!

Versalo Weight Loss Center is your one-stop shop for healthy supplements. We carry an array of products including protein bars, weight loss pills and more. Visit our shop today to see all the products we carry.